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Section: callconcentrator
Default Value: all
Valid Values: A comma-separated list of valid roles
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies the type of data that this ICON instance processes and stores in IDB. The option value must be lowercase. If you use uppercase letters in the option setting, the role defaults to all.

Valid Values:

  • all - Stores all types of data.
  • cfg - Stores the initial configuration state and a history of configuration changes retrieved from Configuration Server.
  • gcc - Stores interaction-related and party-related information; that is, T-Server and Interaction Server data that pertains to voice and multimedia interactions, and the parties associated with those interactions.
  • gls - Stores T-Server and Interaction Server data that pertains to agent states and agent login sessions.
  • gud - Stores T-Server and Interaction Server data that pertains to the attached data associated with calls.
  • lrm - In an environment with License Reporting Manager, stores license reporting data.
  • gos - In an environment with the Outbound Contact solution, stores OCS data that pertains to outbound calls and campaigns.

Prefixing an option value with a tilde (~) excludes that type of data from ICON processing, and includes all other types.

ICON Deployment Guide

What is Interaction Concentrator?
Genesys Interaction Concentrator collects and stores detailed data from various sources (such as T-Server, Interaction Server, and Configuration Server) in a contact center that is empowered with Genesys software. Downstream reporting systems can access Interaction Concentrator data in near real time.

This guide includes the following information:

Features and Functionality

Overview of ICON architecture, components, and features.

Planning Your Deployment

Configuring and Installing

Special Appendixes

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