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Welcome to the Interaction Concentrator User’s Guide

This document provides an overview of the basic Interaction Concentrator architecture, and detailed information about Interaction Concentrator features and functionality. It also provides you with the information you need to know to perform ongoing maintenance and administration of Interaction Concentrator. This document is primarily intended for system integrators. It has been written with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of:

  • Computer-telephony integration (CTI) concepts, processes, terminology, and applications
  • Network design and operation
  • Database design and operation
  • Your own network configurations

You should also be familiar with:

  • Genesys Framework architecture and functions
  • Genesys products deployed in your contact center
  • Your real-time and historical reporting objectives

The information in this Guide can be divided into the following sections:

About Interaction Concentrator

These topics provide detailed information about Genesys Interaction Concentrator data, features, and functionality. They also provide a high-level overview of the basic architecture and components of Interaction Concentrator.

High Availability

Explains how to implement HA in Interaction Concentrator and how data is processed in HA environments.


Explains how to perform ongoing maintenance and administration of Interaction Concentrator, as well as to troubleshoot startup and runtime problems.

  • For how to start and stop ICON, see Starting and Stopping in the Interaction Concentrator Deployment Guide.
  • For troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshooting in the Interaction Concentrator Deployment Guide.

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