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Document Change History

This section lists content that is new or that has changed significantly since the first release of this document. The most recent changes appear first.

New in Document Version 8.1.514.03

  • To support the addition of functionality enabling you to set an alarm for situations in which Interaction Concentrator call handling rules result in unprocessed or destroyed calls, added a new section, Setting Alarms for Call Processing Failures, to the How ICON Works topic.
  • Corrected a note explaining how ICON handles situations when a configuration object is deleted while ICON is not connected.
  • Specified the data types used to configure the EventData configuration option.

New in Document Version 8.1.514.02

  • Added information about the the newly-introduced ability to configure how many last calls/interactions and parties associated with a device should be stored in the G_CUSTOM_DATA_P, G_CUSTOM_DATA_S, and G_CUSTOM_STATES tables. See Custom States in Interaction Concentrator.

New in Document Version 8.1.512.00

New in Document Version 8.1.510.00

New in Document Version 8.1.509.00

New in Document Version 8.1.507.00

New in Document Version 8.1.506.00

  • The explanation of how to identify who released a call has been updated to specify that ICON supports this functionality for all switches that provide the necessary information. To determine whether your switch supports this functionality, check your T-Server/SIP Server documentation.

New in Document Version 8.1.505.00

New in Document Version 8.1.504.00

  • Added the value NULL for the isOnline attribute, which is recorded when EventProcessingStopped is received. For a complete description of the isOnline attribute, see isOnline Chat Attribute.

New in Document Version 8.1.502.00

New in Document Version 8.1.401.00

  • Added a description of the Interaction Concentrator ability to gather and store Annex tab data for certain types of configuration objects for use by Genesys Interactive Insights (see Annex Tab Data).
  • Added a description of the Interaction Concentrator ability to store G_IS_LINK records within a call in the order that SIP Server initially added them (Out-of-Signaling-Path feature) (see Tracking Multi-Site Call Data Via ISCC).
  • Added an explanation of the Interaction Concentrator ability to track multi-site ISCC interactions even when the external site data arrives after the call has been deleted (see Post-Mortem IS_LINK Capability).
  • Added a section noting ICON support for Management Framework’s ability to detect unresponsive server processes (see Determining ICON Responsiveness).
  • Expanded the section on Security Features and moved it to a different section within the Overview page. Added database encryption support and support for hiding TEvent attached data in logs (see Security Features).

New in Document Version

  • Added example PostgreSQL scripts to use when invoking the purge stored procedure (see On PostgreSQL and see Calling Purge Stored Procedures).
  • Added notes informing users that Genesys Info Mart 8.x does not use the Interaction Concentrator merge stored procedures (see the Important notes in the Merge section and at the top of Merge Stored Procedure).
  • Added a note indicating support for various security improvements, including TLS, TLS-FIPS, and client-side port definition (see Support for Secure Connections).
  • Included a list of tables purged by the ICON purge stored procedures (see Tables Purged by the Purge Stored Procedures).
  • Updated the name of the Genesys eServices product by changing it from eServices/Multimedia simply to eServices, its current name. Multimedia was the former product name.
  • Added a note advising users that they must restart ICON after making changes to the attached data specification file before the changes take effect (see the Important note under Attached Data Specification File. Note that starting in 8.1.5, Interaction Concentrator supports dynamic updates to the attached data specification file.)
  • Removed an incorrectly-added section on database locking from the description of the purgePartitions811 stored procedure.

New in Document Version

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