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Monitoring Interaction Concentrator

From release 8.1.512.08 and higher, the functionality described on this page is no longer supported.

This page describes how to access the HTTP Listener to monitor and report on Interaction Concentrator performance. It contains the following sections:

Accessing the Performance Counter

You can configure an HTTP Listener to access a performance counter page from your browser. You can use this performance counter to report on ICON performance in real time and to identify performance and usage patterns which you can then use to fine-tune your ICON configuration. You can also access the performance counter pages as needed for troubleshooting purposes.

Accessing the performance counter pages can significantly impact ICON performance. Therefore, Genesys recommends that you do not routinely access these pages.

To configure an HTTP Listener, create a [listeners] section in the ICON Application object that describes the HTTP listening port. Once the HTTP Listener is configured, you can access the performance counter pages when ICON is running, as follows:

  1. Open a browser window and go to the following address:
  • host is the name of the ICON server host
  • port is the value configured for the port option in the [http-connection] section on the Options tab of the ICON Application object.

For more information about configuring the HTTP Listener, see the configuration option descriptions in the [listeners] section.

Performance Counter Pages

The performance counter pages provide the following types of information:

  • Configuration object statistics—For example, the number of DN, Person, Place, and Agent Login objects read by ICON.
  • CTI statistics—For example, detailed information about active calls, parties, and agent sessions; information about active T-Server connections; statistics about CTI events (such as the number of call processing errors and the average volume of calls and events); and accumulated statistics about agent login sessions.
    Similar information is provided for multimedia interactions as well.
  • ICON statistics—Information about memory allocation for current activity involving key ICON entities, such as calls and agent sessions.
  • Database-writing statistics—Information and statistics about database-writing activity for the ICON instance as a whole, as well categorized as by DAP role.

The figure below shows a sample performance counter page—The main Database Writer page. Note that this figure is only an example of the web page. Your actual screen might look quite different from this one.

Main Database Writer Page
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