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Using Special Stored Procedures

Aside from the stored procedures that Interaction Concentrator (ICON) uses internally to perform its functions, Interaction Concentrator provides a number of stored procedures that are relevant for users.

This section describes the ICON stored procedures you will use, including instructions on how to set up and execute them. Examples for each supported RDBMS are also provided.

This section contains the following pages:

The following stored procedures are provided for use in environments without Genesys Info Mart 8.x. Use these procedures only if you are running Genesys Info Mart 7.6 or earlier or are running Interaction Concentrator without Genesys Info Mart.

SQL-like statements in this chapter are not true SQL statements; they are intended only to demonstrate the logic of the described stored procedures.

The names of the stored procedures that are called internally start with a schema-specific prefix. The Interaction Concentrator installation package (IP) includes a wrapper script that links the generically named stored procedures that are described in this chapter to the equivalent, schema-specific stored procedures. The information in this chapter assumes that, as recommended in the installation instructions in Deploying IDB, the wrapper script was executed as part of the IDB initialization or upgrade.

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