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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key
  • In the Data Type column, varchar/nvarchar means that the data type is varchar except in multi-language databases that use Unicode, in which case the data type is nvarchar. (The Info Mart database in Cloud deployments is not multi-language.)


This table contains a set of values for every enumeration class that is defined in the G_DICT_TYPE table. This table is populated by ICON initialization scripts. Refer to G_Dictionary Values for a complete listing of values for each dictionary type.

Column List


Column Data Type P M F Description


int X X X The identifier of the enumeration class as defined in the G_DICT_TYPE table.


int X X The identifier of the specific value within the enumeration class.


varchar(128) X The name of the specific value that corresponds to the identifier.


varchar(255) The description of the enumeration value.




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