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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key
  • In the Data Type column, varchar/nvarchar means that the data type is varchar except in multi-language databases that use Unicode, in which case the data type is nvarchar. (The Info Mart database in Cloud deployments is not multi-language.)


This table contains information regarding the classes of the enumeration types referenced in IDB tables. In running the ICON initialization scripts, this table gets populated with the following enumeration types:

  • 1-Call History Change Type
  • 2-Party History Change Type
  • 3-IR History Change Type
  • 4-Call States
  • 5-Call types
  • 6-Call media types
  • 7-IR States
  • 8-Local connection state
  • 9-Party type
  • 10-Party role
  • 11-Party parent link type
  • 12-Session Endpoint Type
  • 13-Agent State History Type
  • 14-Agent State History Cause
  • 15-Agent State History Condition
  • 16-Agent State History State
  • 17-Agent State History Pending State
  • 18-Agent State History WORKMODE
  • 19-Attached Data Change Type
  • 20-Attached Data Source
  • 21-IS-Link current state
  • 22-IS-Link history change type
  • 23-IS-Link merge state
  • 24-Configuration history tables status
  • 25-HA_CONTROL status
  • 26-PROV_CONTROL provider tag IDs
  • 27-IS-Link type
  • 28-Route result
  • 29-Route target type
  • 30-Call Control Event
  • 31-Call Control Event Cause
  • 32-Log message priority
  • 33-Log message category
  • 34-Log message origin
  • 71-Campaign State
  • 73-System Reasons to Campaign termination
  • 75-OCS Event cause
  • 76-OCS Chain states
  • 77-OCS Metric types
  • 80-DND feature state
  • 81-Login Session state
  • 82-Association between Login Session and endpoint state
  • 83-Flag of HW reason code
  • 84-Possible system reasons in Login sessions
  • 85-Virtual Queue state cause
  • 86-Call Merge Types
  • 87-Reliability of Route Result
  • 88-Type of Stop Processing Actor
  • 500-Object State
  • 501-Switch type
  • 502-Switch link type
  • 504-DN Route type
  • 505-DN type
  • 506-Application type
  • 508-DN Group type
  • 509-Object flag
  • 513-Script type
  • 514-Action Code type
  • 515-Table Access type
  • 516-Field data type
  • 517-Field type
  • 518-GCTI Call State
  • 519-Treatment Action Code
  • 520-Treatment Call Action Code
  • 521-Campaign Group Dialing Mode
  • 522-Campaign Group Operation Mode
  • 523-Campaign Group Optimization Method
  • 524-IVR Type
  • 528-Object Type
  • 540-Group Type
  • 543-GCTI Record Type
  • 544-GCTI Record Status
  • 545-GCTI Contact Type
  • 555-DN Register Flag
  • 556-Enumerator Type

Column List


Column Data Type P M F Description


int X X The identifier of the enumeration class. The set of the enumeration class values is expanded in the G_DICTIONARY tables.


varchar(64) The name of the enumerator class.


varchar(255) The description of the enumerator class.




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