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Stat Server 8.5.1 User's Guide

What Is Stat Server?

Stat Server is a Genesys application that tracks information about customer interaction networks (contact center, enterprise-wide, or multi-enterprise telephony and computer networks). Stat Server also converts the data accumulated for directory numbers (DNs), agents, agent groups, and non-telephony-specific object types, such as e-mail and chat sessions, into statistically useful information, and passes these calculations to other software applications that request data. For example, Stat Server sends data to Universal Routing Server (URS) to inform the URS about agent availability. You can also use Stat Server’s numerical statistical values as routing criteria. Stat Server provides contact center managers with a wide range of information, allowing organizations to maximize the efficiency and flexibility of customer interaction networks.

[+] Monitoring Contact Centers

[+] Multimedia Support

[+] Stat Server Features

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