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Stat Server Timestamps

Stat Server internally maintains timestamps for multiple purposes:

  • To indicate when Stat Server received event notifications from T-Server, Interaction Server, Outbound Contact Server (OCS), or Configuration Server.

    There is no direct connection between Stat Server and Outbound Contact Server—T-Server transmits OCS events to Stat Server through communication DNs.

  • To indicate when T-Server, Interaction Server, OCS, or Configuration Server sent event notifications to Stat Server.
  • To track the durations of actions.
  • To determine whether and when to clear stuck calls.
  • To profile a reporting interval.
  • To define time ranges over which actions should be measured.

This chapter focuses on the aspects of time that impact the statistical values Stat Server reports to clients as the aspects relate to the generation of actions and the measurement of time-sensitive statistics. This discussion can help you decide which value to set for the UseSourceTimeStamps option of a stat type’s definition (described in the Stat Type Configuration Options table).

This chapter contains the following sections:

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