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Statistical Subjects

The activities that are associated with one contact center interaction can be viewed from many perspectives. For example, when Agent A transfers one inbound call from his extension DN to Agent B, belonging to the same agent group, Stat Server generates:

  • Several actions for each agent’s DNs including:
    • CallInbound, CallOnHold, CallConsult, CallDialing, and Monitored, for Agent A
    • CallRinging and Monitored, for Agent B
  • Several statuses for the Place A, that is associated with Agent A, including:
    • CallInbound for the Extension DN
    • WaitForNextCall on the Position DN
  • Several statuses for the agents’ group, TierII, including:
    • NotReadyForNextCall, for Agent A
    • WaitForNextCall, for Agent B

  • To define the perspective from which you want Stat Server to capture data for a statistic, you specify one statistical subject in the statistics’s underlying stat type definition, by assigning a value to the Subject option. (This option is described in the Stat Type Configuration Options table). This chapter introduces the subjects that Stat Server recognizes and explains how they factor into the definition of a statistic.

    This chapter contains the following sections:

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