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Comparable Statistics

Stat Server statistics that are comparable to Interaction Concentrator (ICON) statistics have the following qualities:

  • They are purely historical.
  • They are time-sensitive. (Counter-based statistics typically do not depend on which timestamp Stat Server uses.)
  • Their time profiles are based on the Selection or Growing interval types (see Configuration Option for the TimeProfiles Section).
  • Their stat type profiles define the following options:
    • Subject=DNAction, CampaignAction, or Action
    • Category—equal to one of the following:
      • AverageNumberPerRelativeHour
      • AverageTime
      • ElapsedTimePercentage
      • EstimWaitingTime
      • LoadBalance
      • MaxTime
      • MinTime
      • RelativeTimePercentage
      • ServiceFactor1
      • TotalTime (with or without DistByConnID)
      • TotalTimeInTimeRange
    • MainMask—containing only durable and retrospective actions, including instant actions, and carrying associated durations. (RelMask, in case of ratios and Selection-based statistics, may contain any actions.)

In addition—and this applies to all Genesys products—all of the servers in your environment must be synchronized to hold an accurate GMT setting. This is especially critical to the production of consistent results when Stat Server must monitor several DNs in order to determine when to generate multi-server actions, such as CallAnswered.

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