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Batch Requests

Starting with release 8.5.102, Stat Server supports requests for batch operations on all previously opened statistics (except the TargetCurrentState statistic) by the same client, thus providing ways to optimize network traffic between Stat Server and its clients.

Available batch requests are:

  • SuspendAll - allows a client to suspend all notifications for previously opened statistics until they are resumed by the client one by one or all at once using the ResumeAll request.
  • ResumeAll - resumes notifications for all suspended statistics for the client.
  • PeekAll - allows to peek all opened, not suspended statistics with just one request.

The PeekAll request does not peek the statistics, for which the notification has previously been suspended.

Statistics, which do not support Peek request (such as CurrentTargetState), are not be impacted by the PeekAll request.

The CurrentTargetState statistic is not impacted by SuspendAll/ResumeAll requests.
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