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Object Statuses

The state of an object can be described within the Genesys Statistics Model by a set of nonoverlapping statuses. A status is the highest-priority action out of all ongoing durable actions occurring at an object, according to Status Priority tables or other rules. Stat Server ascribes only one status to an object at any particular time.

These topics describe object statuses with respect to Stat Server and how they are classified, defined, and determined.

  • Options that define Status Priority tables (including the options DefaultDNSPT, DefaultAgentSPT, and DefaultRPSPT) are no longer supported in release 8.5.0 and later. Do not attempt to modify these values.
  • The following DN statuses can co-exist with one of their respective interaction-type statuses: CallDialing, CallRinging, AfterCallWork, and CallOnHold.
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