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Upgrade CCAdv-ME

Use the following procedure if you are upgrading your installation of CCAdv–ME. The procedure ensures you properly prepare your system to accept a new version of the application.


1. Uninstall the Mobile Edition application:
  1. Under Advisors root directory, remove the ccadv-me folder.
  2. Under the <Advisors_root_dir>/geronimo-tomcat6-minimal-2.2.1/repository/com/genesyslab/advisors/ folder, remove the ccadv-me-web folder.
  3. Open the <Advisors_root_dir>/geronimo-tomcat6-minimal-2.2.1/var/config/config.xml file, and remove the following line:
    <module name="com.genesyslab.advisors/ccadv-me-web/[version]/war" />
  4. Save the changes and close the file.
2. Deploy the new version.
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