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Change Advisors Cluster Membership

For the definition and overview of an Advisors modules cluster, see Advisors Cluster Information.

Information about nodes is stored in the CLUSTER_MEMBER table of the Platform database. Each node in the cluster is represented by one row in that table.

When you install Advisors Platform on a system that is a cluster member, the installer creates an entry for that node in the table. Each node entry in the CLUSTER_MEMBER table has the following properties:

  • NAME

The Platform installer adds the values you enter in the Cluster Node configuration screen to that node entry in the Platform database table. Valid values for the properties are specified in Deploying Advisors Platform.

The names on the Cluster Node configuration screen, and the properties in the CLUSTER_MEMBER table, correspond as follows:

  • Node ID = NAME
  • IP address/hostname = IP_ADDRESS
  • Localhost address = LOCALHOST_ADDRESS

In addition to the CLUSTER_MEMBER table, the installer saves some properties in files in the Advisors/conf directory.

  • The node ID is in Node.properties.
  • The port number used by the cluster members to communicate is in ActiveMQ.properties.

To change information about the cluster after installing Advisors, you can modify the CLUSTER_MEMBER table in the Platform database. You may also need to update some properties in the above files. Make sure that the values you enter meet the specifications in the procedure about installing Platform (see Deploying Advisors Platform).

To change any of the below, first shut down Advisors components on all node in the cluster.

  • To change the Node ID, update the value in the CLUSTER_MEMBER table and in conf/Node.properties.
  • To change the IP address or localhost address, update the CLUSTER_MEMBER table.
  • To change the port number on which nodes of the cluster communicate, change the value in ActiveMQ.properties.
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