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Re-distribute Stats Load when Adapters are Added

Initially, in your deployment, you might have one or more Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA) running and the total statistics load is being evenly distributed among the adapters.

If, in this deployment, you must add one or more adapters, the existing statistics will not be automatically re-routed to the newly added adapters because Data Manager uses persisted adapter Stat Server object mappings.

Use the following procedure to re-distribute the total load of statistics among the adapters, including the adapters you added after the initial deployment.

1. Stop all server components (Platform server, all Genesys adapters). Jeeva: Also XMLGen for CCAdv Genesys Adapters
2. Connect to the platform database and remove all the entries from the Adapter_ss_obj_mapping table and commit the following transaction:

delete from adapter_ss_obj_mapping

3. Restart all server components.

After the restart, the total load of statistics should be re-distributed among all the Genesys Adapters, including the new adapters.

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