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Deployment Summary

The basic sequence of events when deploying Genesys Performance Management Advisors is shown below. This sequence is repeated throughout the book to help you understand where you are in the deployment process.

Order of installation

  1. Install the databases that correspond to the Advisors products you will deploy:
    1. Advisors Genesys Adapter metrics database
    2. Advisors Platform database
    3. Advisors Cisco Adapter database (if you use ACA)
    4. Metric Graphing database
  2. Create the Advisors User and the Object Configuration User accounts.
  3. Install the Platform service (Geronimo) on all servers on which you will deploy one of the following Advisors components:
    • Contact Center Advisor web services or XML Generator
    • Workforce Advisor web services or server
    • Frontline Advisor
    • Contact Center Advisor–Mobile Edition
    • Resource Management Console
  4. Install each adapter you will use (AGA and ACA).
  5. Install the Advisors components for your enterprise:
    • Contact Center Advisor
    • Workforce Advisor
    • Contact Center Advisor – Mobile Edition
    • Frontline Advisor
    • SDS and Resource Management
    Genesys recommends that you test each deployed application immediately after you install it before proceeding to subsequent application deployments. For example, before you deploy Workforce Advisor, run XML Generator to import data and perform a small test with Contact Center Advisor to ensure it is working.
  6. Make any required configuration changes.
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