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Update AGA Properties in the Database

The Manage Adapters page in the Administration module is read-only. To manage Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA), you must update the configuration in the Platform database. Use the following procedure. A new Advisors Genesys Adapter instance is automatically created in the database whenever you install a Genesys Adapter.

New3.png When you install Advisors Genesys Adapter, the host name and port of the adapter that you enter in the installer screens are saved in the adapter configuration file and in the platform database. The properties must be identical in those two locations. After installation, if you make a change to one of these properties, you must make the same change in both locations (see the following procedure). If an IP address is used for the host property, then that IP address must appear in both locations. If a DNS name is used for the host property, you must use the DNS name in both locations. Names must match in case.
1. To update the properties of an installed AGA, edit the properties (HOST and PORT) in the ADAPTER_INSTANCES table in the Platform database.
2. Navigate to the installation folder for the adapter and update the following properties in the inf_genesys_adapter.properties file:

informiam.genesys_connector.host.name =
informiam.genesys_connector.api.port =

3. Restart the Advisors suite server (Platform server) and the AGA for which you edited the properties.
4. To remove a configured AGA instance, remove the associated record from the ADAPTER_INSTANCES table in the Platform database. However, before removing an adapter instance record, you must remove any records that are dependent on it from the ADAPTER_SS_OBJ_MAPPING and ADAPTER_SS_CONFIG tables. Dependent records are keyed to the adapter_instance_id, and any delete statements need to specify this in a where clause.
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