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Update AGA Properties in the Database

The Manage Adapters page in the Administration module is read-only. To manage Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA), you must update the configuration in the Platform database. Use the following procedure. A new Advisors Genesys Adapter instance is automatically created in the database whenever you install a Genesys Adapter.

1. To update the properties of an installed AGA, edit the properties (HOST and PORT) in the ADAPTER_INSTANCES table in the Platform database.
2. Navigate to the installation folder for the adapter and update the following properties in the inf_genesys_adapter.properties file:

informiam.genesys_connector.host.name =
informiam.genesys_connector.api.port =

3. Restart the Advisors suite server (Platform server) and the AGA for which you edited the properties.
4. To remove a configured AGA instance, remove the associated record from the ADAPTER_INSTANCES table in the Platform database. However, before removing an adapter instance record, you must remove any records that are dependent on it from the ADAPTER_SS_OBJ_MAPPING and ADAPTER_SS_CONFIG tables. Dependent records are keyed to the adapter_instance_id, and any delete statements need to specify this in a where clause.
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