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Adapter Stat Server Configuration

Selecting Stat Servers to Support Specific Statistic Types

If your environment uses third-party media statistics or multimedia statistics, you must have a corresponding Java Stat Server extension installed on the respective Stat Servers. To avoid having to install Java extensions on all the configured Advisors Stat Servers, you can use a configuration option to identify the configured Stat Servers to use to request specific types of statistics when statistics are requested from a pool of configured Stat Server pairs. For example, you can choose to collect core statistics only on certain pairs of Stat Servers and third-party media statistics on other specific pairs. The configuration option is part of the Genesys Adapter installation process. For information about installing Genesys Adapter, including the option to associate specific types of statistics with a Stat Server pair, see Deploying Genesys Adapter.

If there are no Stat Server extensions deployed on a Stat Server, then typically it supports only core statistics. Therefore, you can configure such a Stat Server to be a core Stat Server.

On installation, your selection of these properties is stored in the Platform database table ADAPTER_SS_CONFIG. After installation, you can change these properties in this database table. Adapters need to be restarted after changes are made.

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