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Stat Server Configuration Parameters

Genesys recommends that the Stat Servers configured for Advisors are configured as described on this page.




The [java-config] and [java-extensions] options, as well as the Stat Server enable-java=true option, are required for supporting interaction queue statistics. If interaction queue statistics are not monitored in a given deployment, these settings are unnecessary.

The Stat Server accept-clients-in-backup-mode option should be set to Yes to allow Genesys Adapter to request statistics from both the primary and the backup Stat Servers on start. This is to support High Availability on switchover from the primary to the backup Stat Server.

The Stat Server auto-backup-interval=0 option tells the Stat Server not to create a backup file. This will ensure that the Stat Servers do not start automatically re-requesting the statistics on restart based on the stat requests cached in the backup file. The Genesys Adapter will be re-requesting the statistics and, therefore, this option should be turned off. In rare circumstances, the Stat Servers could be potentially be overloaded if this option is not set.

The configuration param file includes the statistic types of some of the standard CCAdv/WA/FA source metrics. Some of the statistics types listed in the file are needed for Resource Management Console, but not by the Advisors Genesys Adapter. Any changes made to the imported stat types in the Stat Server configuration do not affect how Genesys Adapter requests the statistics values with the Stat Server and, therefore, does not affect metric values on the CCAdv or FA dashboard.

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