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Contact Center Advisor Mobile Edition

Contact Center Advisor—Mobile Edition (CCAdv—ME) installation is an option in the CCAdv/WA module installer. For installation instructions, see Deploying CCAdv and WA.

It is important define a basic set of permissions in Configuration Server, so that users can view objects and functionality in the Application interface. For example, users with permissions to the CCAdv module (and ME) and permissions to view the Performance Monitor cannot view anything if they do not have access to any of the metrics and/or business attributes. They can log in to the Advisor interface, but the real-time tab will not appear if they do not have permissions to use at least one metric.

Required Permissions

Users who have access to ME will need the following minimum permissions:

  • permissions to at least one contact center and/or application
  • permissions to one of the following objects:
    • reporting region
    • geographic region
    • operating unit
  • permissions to at least one metric
If a user does not have permissions to view any of the default metrics, the first metric that displays in the ME Metrics or Hierarchy list is the first metric in the Column Chooser Available metrics list to which the user does have access permissions.

Using object permissions, you can assign a user’s access permission to certain objects. When you apply permissions to an object, they apply equally to all properties of the object—if a user has access permissions, they see the entire object.

CCAdv—ME loads metrics dynamically based on user permissions taken from the server cache. It loads the metrics through /ca-ws/columns.do, to ensure the metrics information is up-to-date. If metrics permissions change after a user chooses to display that metric, it is displayed with no data. However, when a user reselects the metrics to display, the list is refreshed.

The following permissions are implemented in the CCAdv—ME MapResource:

  • metrics
  • operating units
  • reporting regions
  • geographical regions
  • contact centers
  • application groups

Relevant objects are loaded on-demand, based on the user access permissions granted for each object.

Compared to Contact Center Advisor, the Mobile Edition has limited functionality. Therefore, CCAdv—ME requires only a subset of functional privileges. The following table provides a comparison of CCAdv privileges with Mobile Edition privileges.

Privileges In CCAdv In ME
[+] Dashboard Privilege
[+] Column Chooser Privilege
[+] Enterprise Stats Privilege
[+] Performance Monitor Privilege
[+] Call Flow Stats Privilege
[+] Current Capacity Stats Privilege

Functionality privileges determine what tasks the user can perform or what functions a user can execute on objects to which he/she has access.

Privileges are configured by using roles. If a privilege is present in a role, then any users assigned that role have access to the functionality controlled by that privilege. The value for the privilege key can be anything, or can be left blank.

Privileges for each role are stored as key-value pairs in the Annex tab of that role in Genesys Configuration Manager.

For more information about the CCAdv functional privileges, see the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Administrator User's Guide.

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