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Manage Restart of Multiple Adapters with Single Metrics Database

New3.png In earlier releases of Advisors, if an Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) required a restart in a deployment where multiple instances of Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) adapters were configured to use the same metrics database, it was necessary to restart all adapters – even if only one required the restart.

Starting in release 8.5.0, you can manage the number of adapters that must be restarted in this scenario using the advisors.genesys_connector.dbimporter.CCAdv.metricsdb.truncateOnStart property in the conf/inf_genesys_importer.properties file. Values you can enter for this property are true and false. The default value for the property is true (advisors.genesys_connector.dbimporter.CCAdv.metricsdb.truncateOnStart = true). When only one CCAdv/WA adapter is installed, it is unnecessary to change the value of the property.

The property determines if the metrics database must be truncated on startup of the CCAdv adapter. If you have multiple adapters installed in this type of deployment, Genesys recommends that you reset the flag to false on all the adapters except one.

The adapters on which you have set the flag to false can be restarted independently of the other adapters. On the single instance adapter where this flag is set to true, you must restart all other adapters when this adapter must be restarted.

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