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Work with Data Source Database Names

The data source database name must include the linked server name if the database is present on a different database server from that on which the Platform database is installed. See Configure Oracle 11g Metrics Data Sources.

For Cisco ICM data sources:

  • The linked server must point to the server that hosts the Cisco central ICM/IPCC database.
  • The database specified must be an AWDB database.

Examples of Data Source Names

Example database name for a Genesys data source (if located on the same database as the Platform database):

Example database name for a Cisco data source (using linked server ICMCENTRAL and AWDB named name_awdb):

Example database name for a Genesys data source where the linked server name contains special characters (this is for the case when the Genesys data source database is located on a MSSQL server other than the Platform database):

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