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Customize the Advisors Interface

Use the following procedure to add your company's logo to the Advisors interface, or to change the color scheme.

link=] To customize the logo on the Advisors login page, navigate to the following folder in the deployment directory:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\images

link=] Replace the existing logo file (genesys-logo.png) with your custom logo.

The custom logo filename must be genesys-logo.png and the file should have the same dimensions as the genesys-logo.png file (112 x 26 pixels).

link=] To customize colors in the Advisors modules, update the stylesheet for each installed module. You can find stylesheets in the following folder:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\landing\stylesheets

link=] To modify colors on the login page, update the following stylesheet:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\modules\login\login.css

link=] To add a custom message on the Login page, edit the remote-message text file in the following directory:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb

You must retain the remote-message file name.

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