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DevGuide2.png Purpose: To provide information about customizable commands for the windows.

Learn about IM Commands

IM stands for Instant Messaging and is a feature provided by underlying SIP T-Servers and Switches. As a consequence, IM is not part of the open media offer. IM interactions are related to Voice interactions and voice media. In addition to the commands listed below, you can also read the following pages:

Read Use Customizable Commands to see code snippets which demonstrate the usage of the commands.

IM Commands

Chains of Commands to Manage IM Interactions
Default Commands Parameters
Chain InteractionIMClose
  • IsPossibleToClose
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionIM -Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.Voice.Model.Interactions.IInteractionIM
  • Close
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionIM
Chain InteractionIMIsPossibleToClose
  • IsPossibleToClose
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionIM
Chain InteractionIMReleaseIM
  • PromptEnd
  • CommandParameter: IInteraction - IInteraction
  • ConfirmParentWindow: Window
  • Release
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionIM
  • Reasons: KeyValueCollection - Genesyslab.Enterprise.Commons.Collections.KeyValueCollection
  • Extensions: KeyValueCollection
Chain InteractionIMSendMessage
  • SendMessage
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionIM
  • Content: string - System.String
  • ContentType: string

Commands common to all interactions
Chain InteractionSetAttachedDataWithDelay


  • CommandParameter: IInteraction
  • AttachedData: KeyValueCollection
Chain BundleClose


CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle - Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.Core.Model.Interactions.IInteractionsBundle


  • CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


  • CaseId: String


CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


  • CommandParameter: IInteractionsBundle


CommandParameter: ICampaign - Genesyslab.Enterprise.Model.Interaction.ICampaign

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