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Planning your deployment

Web Services requires the Cassandra NoSQL database management system, so when planning your deployment you also need to consider the Cassandra topology. Three common Cassandra topologies are generally used for Workspace Web Edition & Web Services:

  • Development: One Cassandra node (appropriate for a development or lab environment)
  • Single Data Center: One data center with a minimum of three Cassandra nodes
  • Two Data Centers: Two data centers with a minimum of three Cassandra nodes in each data center

The number of Web Services nodes in your deployment scenario depends on a variety of factors. Please consult with Genesys for help to determine the correct number of nodes for your solution.

For development scenarios, you can install Cassandra and Web Services on the same host.

For single data center and two data center scenarios, you must install Cassandra and Web Services on separate hosts.

Whichever deployment scenario you decide to implement, follow the same basic deployment steps:

Deployment tasks

Complete the following steps to deploy Web Services and Applications.

If you are upgrading from one version of Web Services and Applications to another, see the Web Services and Applications Migration Guide.
  1. Review the Prerequisites. Make sure all supporting components are installed and configured.
  2. Install Web Services and Applications.
  3. Initialize Cassandra.
  4. Deploy the web application. If you are installing a version of Web Services and Applications that does not have Jetty embedded, go to Deploying the web application for or earlier.
  5. Configure Web Services.
  6. Customize your required features, as necessary.
  7. Configure additional security (optional).
  8. Start and test Web Services, Workspace Web Edition, and Gplus Adapter for Salesforce.
  9. Follow up with the appropriate configuration or developer information, depending on which components you plan to use:

Next step

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