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Password encryption

For added security, consider encrypting your passwords in the application.yaml file. This feature is only supported for JAR (Spring Boot) distributables.

The following table identifies which passwords can be encrypted and where you can find them in the application.yaml file:

File section Settings
jetty > ssl
  • keyStorePassword
  • keyManagerPassword
  • trustStorePassword
  • opsUserPassword
  • cmePassword
  • jksPassword
  • webDAVPassword
serverSettings > samlSettings
  • encryptionKeyPassword
  • signingKeyPassword
  • tlsKeyPassword
serverSettings > accountManagement > smtpServer
  • password
  • password
  • truststorePassword

Procedure: Encrypting passwords


  1. Run the GWS application with the --encrypt parameter followed by the password you need to encrypt. For example:
     $ java -jar gws.jar --encrypt ops

    The GWS application only encrypts and prints the password. The server won't actually start.

  2. Copy the printed encrypted password and paste into the application.yaml file. For example:
    opsUserName: ops
    opsUserPassword: CRYPT:an03xPrxLAu9p==

    The server only decrypts passwords that start with the CRYPT: prefix. Passwords without the CRYPT: prefix are considered plain text and remain unmodified.


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