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This page provides solutions to common problems in Web Services.

The following log for Web Services is saved to the /var/log/jetty directory on the Web Services node:

  • cloud.log — Stores WARN level messages about Web Services.

To modify the log message levels, you can edit the $JETTY_HOME/resources/logback.xml file and change the level to DEBUG or TRACE (instead of WARN):

<logger name="com.genesyslab" level="DEBUG" />

404 Error


You receive a 404 Error on a diagnostic API request. For example,


The Web Services web application uses the Jetty root context. If other web applications served by the same instance of Jetty also use the root context, this can prevent the Web Services web application from getting routed requests. If you are working with a fresh install of Jetty, you should remove the default Jetty files from the $JETTY_HOME/webapps and $JETTY_HOME/contexts folders.

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