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Running OrgData

In Skills Management application, you must define the timing or duration in which the OrgData process must run.

To define OrgData process

  1. Navigate to System > Systems Settings > Event Settings tab. OrgDataProcessSetup.png
  2. In the Event Settings table, select the check box in Enabled column for Process OrgData event. By default, Process OrgData is disabled.
  3. In the Scheduling column, you can either define a duration or a specific time on the server by using the toggle switch. The OrgData process will run based on the schedule you setup in this column.
    • Enter the minutes such that the event runs for every X minutes. By default, the event is set to run every 1440 minutes.
    • By toggling the switch, you can change the schedule from every X minutes to a specific time on the server.
  4. Click APPLY CHANGES to save the schedule.
You can explicitly run the OrgData process as an one-off event by clicking RUN EVENT or by using the /OrgData/Process API from Swagger.
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