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Importing OrgData through APIs

The OrgData API calls allow you to automatically import the most recently updated data from the data sources based on OrgData Process configuration.

Based on the OrgData configuration, you can also validate the imported data using the API. You can make API calls using the browser or third-party API tools. Within Skills Management, basic Swagger API tools are built into the solution and can be accessed through:

<Base URL>/api/swagger/ui/index

Under OrgData, you can run the following API calls:

  • Get UserFields – returns the user fields created for a given tenant.
  • Post Validate – validates the current OrgData configuration.
  • Post Process – runs the OrgData process.
  • Put Upload – uploads OrgData data file.
  • Get OrgData – returns the current OrgData configuration.
  • Put OrgData – uploads the configuration xml.
If you have configured OrgData through the PDNA UI, then uploading OrgData configuration through Put OrgData API will overwrite the existing configuration and vice versa. Genesys recommends to always use the same process to manage your OrgData configuration, that is, either through the PDNA UI or API. Also, updating configuration through API will overwrite the user friendly metadata names that you might have created in the PDNA UI with defaults.

More information about the OrgData API is available in your API Help page, <Base URL>/API/help. Replace Base URL with the host name where you hosted the Skills Management application.

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