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Importing OrgData Through CSV Files

Following the configuration of the data source fields, you can import the OrgData file. Whenever there is an update in the data source, you must import the recently updated OrgData file in Skills Management system for accurate maintenance of data.

For OrgData configurations that use a daily update or file produced by a third party system, you can use the Orgdata API to upload the OrgData file automatically in regular intervals

To import the OrgData file,

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users > Import Users.
  2. On the IMPORT USERS page, click CHOOSE FILE in the Upload column.
  3. Navigate and locate the corresponding OrgData CSV file from your computer.
  4. Select the file and click Open.
  5. Click SUBMIT to upload the file. When the OrgData import is complete, you can notice a green SUCCESS button in the Result column.
    Note: If the SUBMIT button is disabled, it means there is a mismatch in the filename displayed in Name column and the filename you selected. Resolve this mismatch by updating the filename and upload it again.
The Import Users feature doesn’t support upload or creation of Users or User Hierarchy. However, you can upload the CSV files as part of OrgData Process.
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