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License Validation

Performance DNA validates the number of active users for a Tenant against the number of users allocated for their license. Users that log in after a license breach are detected. A license breach Warning message is displayed to them. However, Performance DNA allows the user to ignore the Warning message and continue working in the application for 7 continuous days which is the license breach active period.

  • If breaching licenses are not resolved within the license breach active period, users are blocked from using the application.
  • Archived users are not considered for license validation.

Tenant Administrator login

If a Tenant Administrator logs in to the application during the license breach active period, Performance DNA displays the license information, such as the current active users and the maximum allowed users along with the license breach Warning message displayed for other users.


How to resolve the license breach

To resolve the license breach, the Tenant Administrator can update the number of licenses from the Tenant Administration dialog or reduce the number of active users when the breach is active. If this issue is not resolved within the license breach active period (7 days), users attempting to login to the system thereafter will be blocked from using the system.

The Tenant Administrator must resolve the licensing issue during the license breach active period, after which only a Landlord can update the breaching Tenant’s license.
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