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Genesys Intelligent Automation Help

Genesys Intelligent Automation is part of 9.0, which can include component releases from both 9.0.x and 8.5.x code streams. See Genesys Intelligent Automation to check which component releases are part of 9.0.

This help file introduces you to the Genesys Intelligent Automation user interface and explains concepts and procedures to help you use this software.

Prior to release 9.0, Genesys Intelligent Automation was known as Genesys App Automation Platform (GAAP).

Who should use this document?

The intended audience for this document are users who have been assigned the following roles:

  • Maintainers - Individuals responsible for the maintenance of application callflows, such as the update of call prompts.
  • Designers - Individuals responsible for the design and configuration of application callflows, such as the addition of extra blocks within a callflow, or the identification and resolution of problem areas in a callflow.
  • Administrators - Individuals responsible for administering and configuring contact center settings.

Some sections are only applicable to certain roles and are identified as such.

What is in this document?

This document explains the following topics:


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