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The Dashboard view offers a simple view into the current status of your applications. The main areas of the Dashboard view are:

Application Overview

The Application Overview section presents historical and real-time data for your organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all of your applications. It provides an instant view of IVR performance against seven key metrics for the current day, previous seven days, and previous 30 days. You can click each metric to view more details in Chart View.

The first five metrics are:

  • Total Calls – The total number of calls handled by applications for the period.
  • Average Calls – The average number of calls handled per day for the period.
  • Planned Transfer Outcome – The percentage of calls transferred to customer service agents as a normal part of the callflow.
  • Unplanned Transfer Outcome – The percentage of calls transferred to customer service agents when the customer failed to reach their desired destination (for example, because of recognition failure or error).
  • Hang-up Outcome – The number of calls in which the caller ended the call.

The remaining two metrics make use of a unique Intelligent Automation feature called a business task. A business task executes when a caller starts along a particular path on the callflow to, for example, request a balance, report a fault, or pay a bill. These tasks are typically controlled using one of the prebuilt applications. If the task completes successfully, it returns to the main application with the result success; otherwise, it returns the result failure. Tracking IVR activity in this way provides meaningful information to the business about the application's performance without the need for extensive analysis of individual responses to prompts. In the Dashboard view, this performance is represented as:

  • Total Tasks Attempted – The number of business tasks (as defined in the callflow) started by callers.
  • Task Success Rate – The percentage of business tasks completed.

Chart View

This section is at the bottom of the Dashboard view. The chart displayed depends on the metric selected from the Application Overview. The chart provides a snapshot of calls over the previous 30 days, enabling you to identify trends as they emerge. This chart is updated every time you log into Intelligent Automation.

Quick Links toolbar

The Quick Links toolbar has buttons that link to other areas of the system, including:

  • Active Modules – View all the applications, modules, and business processes in your environment.
  • Deployment Status – View the current deployment status of each module. You can also click Advanced Details in the Active Modules view to display the same information.
  • Solution Overview – View a graphical representation of the callflow for each application. You can also click Show Graphical View in the Active Modules view to display the same graphical view.

System Pulse

This panel displays a performance indicator for each application. This indicator provides a quick insight into how well a particular application is performing in terms of usability and call completion.

System Pulse lists the modules within the application that are currently experiencing problems. It indicates where the issue resides within the module, allowing you to quickly access the area and make the necessary changes.

The health indicator shows the health of the application callflow and each of its linked modules. In other words, application health degrades if the application is performing successfully but one of the modules that it links to is having usability issues.

Use the Graphical View to see the health for each module in isolation.

The table below describes the System Pulse indicators:

Indicator Description
GAAP350 Help Health1.png The application, and all modules linked to it, are currently in a healthy state and are performing within predefined thresholds. It does not require any attention.
GAAP350 Help Health2.png
Indicates that the performance of an application, or modules linked to it, is approaching predefined thresholds. May require attention.
GAAP350 Help Health3.png The performance of an application, or modules linked to it, is falling outside predefined thresholds and requires urgent attention. A list of specific areas that require attention is displayed below the application. These issues must be resolved to return the application or module to a healthy state. Click a specific area to access configuration settings.

The status of each application and module is queried for the current company when you log in, using data from the last 30 days. The status refreshes each time you visit the Dashboard view.

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