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Genesys Intelligent Automation Bot Integration Guide

This document provides information on integrating Genesys Intelligent Automation with chat bots and voice bots.

The Natural Language Menu App and Custom Natural Language Menu are shipped separately and only allowed in conjunction with the purchase of either the bot bundle/orchestration either Voicebot or Chatbot bundle. Get in touch with your AE or Sales.

Genesys Intelligent Automation can provide your customers with chat or voice bot-based access by integrating with external artificial intelligence (AI) services to provide natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities.

When connected to a natural language engine, Intelligent Automation allows a user to use natural language when responding, even entering multiple pieces of information in a single response. The natural language engine infers the relevant information contained in a user's response, enabling some subsequent Menu and Question blocks in the call flow to be skipped, because the information has already been captured. The result is a successful conversation that is shorter than that of the directed-dialog approach.

WebIVR does not support NLU.

Currently Intelligent Automation supports the following natural language services:


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