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Using Intelligent Automation with NLUs

Intelligent Automation can integrate with external artificial intelligence (AI) services to provide natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities. Intelligent Automation currently has built-in connections to:

  • Genesys Dialog Engine
  • Google Dialogflow
  • Microsoft Bot Framework with LUIS

When Intelligent Automation connects to a natural language engine, Intelligent Automation allows a user to use natural language when responding, even entering multiple pieces of information in a single response. The natural language engine infers the relevant information contained in a user's response, enabling some subsequent Menu and Question blocks in the call flow to be skipped, because the information has already been captured. The result is a successful conversation that is shorter than that of the directed-dialog approach.

Please note that the customer is responsible for ensuring that the environment and bot applications they build are properly configured and secured according to PII and HIPAA requirements.

How it works

The natural language engine works in the background while Intelligent Automation communicates directly with the user. Here's how:

  1. Intelligent Automation asks an open-ended question (For example, What can I help you with?)
  2. The user provides a natural language response (For example, What will the weather be like in London on Saturday?).
  3. Intelligent Automation receives the response and passes it along to the natural language engine.
  4. The natural language engine responds, as follows:
    • If the natural language engine needs more information to understand the request, it responds to Intelligent Automation with follow-up questions. (For example, For what city?).
    • If the natural language engine has all the information it needs, it sends Intelligent Automation the Intent and associated Slots (In the Weather example, the Intent could be Weather and the Slots could be weatherLocation and weatherDate).
  5. When Intelligent Automation receives and reads the Intents and Slots, it directs the interaction according to the configured application.

The following demonstrates a chat session with a natural language engine running in the background:

Supported NLU Features

Supported Feature Genesys Dialog Engine Google Dialogflow Microsoft Bot Framework
Map Intents to Modules
Map Slots to questions X
Support for Live Agent Hand-off X X
Support for Maximum Attempts X
Pass Context Settings
Bypass Opening Question
Support for System Entities X X
Support for Follow-up Intents X X

What next?

To configure Intelligent Automation, read the following topics:

If you want to use other natural language AI services, contact your Genesys representative for help with a custom integration.
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