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Role Privileges

This Appendix describes the role privileges that are available and enforced by Genesys Administrator Extension. The privileges are in a hierarchy based on the modules in Genesys Administrator Extension. They are organized in this Appendix as follows:

To view these privileges on the Role Privileges tab of a Role object in Genesys Administrator, make sure that Genesys Administrator Extension is checked in the Add/Remove Products section on the tab.

Information.png Note: You must have Genesys Administrator 8.1.2, or later, installed when you upload the Genesys Administrator templates to Configuration Server and assign roles. The new template type, 184 (Genesys Administrator Server), is not recognized by earlier versions of Genesys Administrator; therefore, role assignments will not be functional.

For more information about role privileges specifically, and Role-Based Access Control in general, refer to the Genesys 8.0 Security Deployment Guide.

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