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Default Account Support

Genesys uses a default user account. This is a special account that always has full privileges to all objects and can perform any action. This account ensures that there is always at least one account that enables the administrator to correct permissions and access issues if other administrative accounts are deleted, disabled, or otherwise compromised.

GAX supports the default user account. The default user account always has full access to all the functions that are specified for the GAX Role, even if this account does not have any role privileges or explicit permissions specified. When the default account is created during the installation of Configuration Server, it has full control over all configuration objects; however, this account might be deleted or its permissions on objects might be revoked. If this happens, GAX cannot work around the permissions. The default account must have the permissions set to write objects in the Configuration Server.

Use the default_account_dbid option to configure the actual account to be used, and that has all privileges assigned, in case the original default user account is disabled for security reasons or has been deleted.

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