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Audio Resource Management

Genesys Administrator Extension provides an interface for Audio Resource Management. This enables you to manage audio resources for both announcements and music files. This module also enables the conversion of audio files (.wav using PCM encoding), and the deployment of audio files to Media Servers throughout the network.

Information.png Note: Audio Resource Management supports only WAV files that use PCM encoding. If you use non-PCM encoded files, there might be conversion artifacts, or the conversion might fail completely.

Generally, audio resources are handled as follows:

  1. The Solution Provider maintains Audio Resources. Each Audio Resource contains one or more Audio Resource Files. Each Audio Resource File is associated with one Personality.
  2. In select cases, Tenants may also create their own Audio Resource Files, Personalities, and Audio Resources. To create Audio Resources as a tenant, provide the corresponding role privilege to the tenant user.

  3. The Solution Provider deploys Audio Resources to Tenants.
  4. If a Tenant has created its own Audio Resource Files and Personalities, they can add them to the Audio Resources deployed by the Solution Provider.

  5. A Routing Strategy that is executed by the Tenant selects an Audio Resource and a Personality. The Routing Strategy might use Operational Parameter Management to make the selection.
Information.png Note: All Audio Resources are treated as system announcements — even when they are created by a tenant user. This means that a routing block must address the audio resource as resources of type System Announcement, not Tenant Announcement.

Audio Resource Management supports deployment of multiple audio resources to multiple tenants in a single step. You can select multiple audio resources from the tenant list and execute the deployment to several tenants simultaneously.

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