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License Usage Reporting

Information.png Note: This section only applies to GAX 8.1.301 releases or lower. In GAX 8.1.310 releases or higher, License Usage Reporting functionality is provided by the License Reporting Manager (LRM) plug-in for GAX.

License Usage Reporting is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application that is provided by Genesys Administrator Extension. It accesses data from a central License Reporting Manager (LRM) database to provide on-demand license utilization reporting to Solution Providers and tenant administrators. The central LRM database contains data that is collected from all local LRM databases.The data collection is done by the LRM system by using automated nightly processes. If the data is not collected, contact the LRM Administrator. See License Usage Reports Not Available.

The License Usage Reporting module also enables you to define provisioned counts for each tenant. Here you can select sellable items as well as the provisioned quantity and the start date.

LRM maintains a full history of Provisioned Counts in the system database in the LRM_PROVISIONED_COUNT table. This table keeps one Provisioned Count value for each unique triple: TENANT_ID, SELLABLE_ITEM_TYPE, EFFECTIVE_DATE. The lrm-provisioned-counts configuration layer object might have as many records as is required by the GAX application.

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