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Inactivity Timeout

For security purposes, GAX can be configured to lock the application if an administrator has not used the keyboard or mouse for a period that you specify. All user input is blocked until the administrator provides login information to unlock the application. This feature ensures that no unauthorized user can access an unattended terminal that is running GAX.

Use the inactivity_timeout option to specify the amount of time in minutes of administrator inactivity (no mouse or keyboard usage) that triggers application locking. If the administrator has been inactive longer than the number of minutes that are specified by the inactivity_timeout option, the administrator must re-authenticate to be able to use the GAX application. A value of 0 disables this functionality.

GAX employs a keep-alive strategy to prevent Tomcat session timeout; this ensures that GAX maintains your session even if the inactivity timeout feature locks the application and requires you to log in.

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