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Configuration Options

This appendix describes the configuration options for Genesys Administrator Extension, and contains the following sections:

Information.png Note: There are no configuration options required for the Operational Parameters Management and License Usage Reporting modules in Genesys Administrator Extension.

Setting Configuration Options

Use Genesys Administrator to set Genesys Administrator Extension configuration options. Unless specified otherwise, set Genesys Administrator configuration options in the Options of the Genesys Administrator Extension Application object with which Genesys Administrator was deployed (refer to the Framework 8.1 Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide). Use one of the following navigation paths:

  • Genesys Administrator Extension server—Genesys Administrator Extension Application object of type Generic Genesys Server > Options tab > Advanced View (Options)
  • Genesys Administrator Extension client—Genesys Administrator Extension Application object of type Configuration Manager > Options tab > Advanced View (Options)
  • Important.png Warning! Configuration section names, configuration option names, and predefined option values are case-sensitive. Type them in Genesys Administrator exactly as they are documented in this appendix.
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