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License Usage Reporting

Information.png Note: This section only applies to GAX 8.1.301 releases or lower. In GAX 8.1.310 releases or higher, License Usage Reporting functionality is provided by the License Reporting Manager (LRM) plug-in for GAX.

Before using License Usage Reporting in Genesys Administrator Extension to generate and view reports of License Resource Manager data, you must ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

  • There must be a License Resource Manager (LRM) system running that aggregates data nightly by using a cron job. Refer to LRM documentation for details about this process.
  • A Database Access Point for the LRM Database is configured, and added to the connections of the Genesys Administrator Extension. Use the following procedure:

Configuring a Database Access Point for the LRM database


  1. Create and configure a Database Access Point (DAP) Application object, which is necessary for connectivity to the LRM Database by Genesys Administrator Extension.
  2. Add this DAP to all Genesys Administrator Extension server objects by using the instructions in the Framework 8.1 Deployment Guide.
  3. In addition to following those instructions, do the following:
    1. Open the Options tab.
    2. Create a new section called GAX.
    3. In this new section, add the configuration option role and set its value to LRM. This identifies this DAP as the one for the LRM Database that is used by Genesys Administrator Extension.
  4. Add this DAP to all Genesys Administrator Extension server objects.


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