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License Usage Reports Not Available

Information.png Note: This section only applies to GAX 8.1.301 releases or lower. In GAX 8.1.310 releases or higher, License Usage Reporting functionality is provided by the License Reporting Manager (LRM) plug-in for GAX.

If there are no on-demand License Usage Reporting reports available, it might be because there is no data available from which the reports are generated. Assuming that the systems are otherwise operating normally, it is probably because the automatic process for collecting the data from local LRM databases did not run as scheduled. In this case, ask the LRM Administrator to restart LRM.

You might experience an issue when you try to export a License Usage Reporting report by using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows Server system. Refer to Enabling download of License Usage Reporting reports from Internet Explorer 9 to fix this issue.

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