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User Interaction Layer


The User Interaction Layer provides centralized web-based functionality and interfaces for the following:

  • Deployment of Genesys components to any computer on the network using the Genesys Deployment Agent (a Management Layer component). Starting in release 8.5, this functionality is part of Genesys Administrator Extension.
  • Configuration, monitoring, and control of applications and solutions.

Currently, Genesys Administrator and its extension is the only component in the User Interaction layer.


User Interaction Layer Architecture

In the User Interaction Layer:

  • The browser-based Genesys Administrator includes a comprehensive user interface to configure, monitor, and control the management environment.
  • The Web Management Server:
    • Communicates with Configuration Server (a Configuration Layer component) to exchange configuration information.
    • Communicates with Solution Control Server (a Management Layer component) to exchange status, operations, and control information.
    • Reads logs from the Centralized Log Database (a Management Layer component).
    • Provides web services for the browser-based Genesys Administrator.
  • Depending on the solutions deployed in the system, the Web Management Server may also communicate with other back end servers to retrieve solution-specific information.
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