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SNMP Master Agent

For the Management Layer to use SNMP, you must configure an SNMP Master Agent Application object in the Configuration Database, and configure a connection to this Application object in Solution Control Server (SCS). You must create an Application object of type Genesys SNMP Master Agent regardless of the type (Genesys or third party) of the actual Master Agent you are deploying. If you deploy a Genesys Master Agent object, use the Application Template from its installation package; otherwise, use the SNMP Master Agent template shipped with SCS to create an object to represent the third-party SNMP Master Agent.

This section provides instructions for deploying a stand-alone SNMP Master Agent application. See Redundant (HA) SNMP Master Agents for information about deploying SNMP Master Agents as an HA pair.

Depending on the solutions for which you want to enable SNMP monitoring, you may need to install several instances of SNMP Master Agent, using the same approach given in this section. Generally, you have to install and configure one instance of SNMP Master Agent on each computer on which you will be using SNMP functionality.

Starting in release 8.5.1, configuration of an SNMP Master Agent on a host is somewhat different, depending on how you are implementing SNMP on that host (Genesys SNMP Master Agent or Net-SNMP), as determined by the netsnmp-enable configuration option in the [snmp] section. If set to true, the Management Layer considers this Application object associated with a third-party Net-SNMP Master Agent; otherwise, it is considered to be associated with Genesys SNMP Master Agent. SCS and LCA support both implementations, and use this option to determine how to work with the particular Master Agent.

You can also re-configure an existing Genesys SNMP Master Agent object to use Net-SNMP, as described in the Framework Migration Guide.

To deploy a new SNMP Master Agent, use the following procedure:

1. Configure an SNMP Master Agent Application object. [+] Show steps
2. Install an SNMP Master Agent. [+] Show steps
3. Add a connection from Solution Control Server to this SNMP Master Agent. [+] Show steps

For more information about using SNMP Master Agents, refer to the Framework Management Layer User's Guide.

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