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Document Change History

This section provides a summary of changes that have been made in this document in release 8.5.1.

Added Pages

The following pages have been added to this document:

Updated Pages

The following pages have been updated:

  • Detailed information about operating in Large Configuration Environments has been moved to the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide.
  • Added step 3 to procedure in Configuration Database to account for initialization of a database with existing or old data.
  • Added information to Configuration Server Proxy about ADDP between HA Configuration Server Proxy, and Load-Balanced Configuration Server Proxies for Agent-Facing Applications.
  • Updated Component Locations and Deploying LCA installation procedures with changes to Genesys Deployment Agent (no longer installed automatically with LCA).
  • Added limitations of a configuration with Distributed Solution Control Servers.
  • Updated the following pages to reflect use of Net-SNMP additional in parallel with, or instead of, Genesys SNMP Master Agent:
  • Updated GUI Applications eligible to use the Login Security Banner.
  • Added section Using Language Packs to Localize the Configuration Database describing how to install Language Packs to localize your Configuration Server.
  • Updated Encrypting the Configuration Database Password with instructions for enhanced encryption of the Configuration Database password. The new startup parameter -keys was also added to the list of Configuration Server startup command-line parameters.
  • Updated additional start-up parameters Starting Manually to enable bootstrap logging for Configuration Server, Configuration Proxy, Message Server, and Solution Control Server; and to Configuration Server and Configuration Proxy to improve establishment of connections between Configuration Servers.
  • Added link to ADDP tutorial available on Customer Care website.
  • Replaced references to single-tenant (enterprise) and multi-tenant Configuration Servers by references to Configuration Server. Effective in 8.5.1, the single-tenant and multi-tenant Configuration Server IPs are no longer available; their replacement, the Configuration Server IP, can be used to configure an environment with one or more tenants. This change is reflected primarily in those procedures that are used to install Configuration Server.
  • Updated links to Genesys Security Deployment Guide, Framework External Authentication Reference Manual, Framework Management Layer User's Guide, and Framework Migration Guide, all available in wiki format.

Removed Pages

The following pages have been removed from this document:

  • The New in This Release section has been removed. The information in this section, which summarized changes made in the software, is available in the Readme and in the Migration Guide. This section, Document Change History, will continue to list only changes made in this version of the Management Framework Deployment Guide.
  • Deploying Licence Reporting Manager has been removed. Licence Reporting Manager 8.5 is no longer integrated with Configuration Server
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