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Message Server

To deploy Message Server, do the following:

1. Configure a Message Server Application object. [+] Show steps
2. Install Message Server. [+] Show steps
3. If required, configure Windows Authentication with an MS SQL Server by doing the following:
  1. Ensure that a Message Server process is enabled for Windows Authentication.
  2. Configure access to the MS SQL Log Database for Message Server. In the DB Info section of Configuration tab for the Database Access Point of the MS SQL Log Database, configure one of the following as appropriate:
    • If you are using a Trusted user, enter trusted in the User Name field.
    • If you are using a Data Source Name (DSN), enter the name of the DBMS and Log database in the DBMS Name and Database Name fields, respectively.

Refer to "Windows Authentication with MS SQL Server" in the Microsoft SQL Server Databases section of the Framework Database Connectivity Guide for details.

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