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Configuration Layer


The Configuration Layer provides:

  • Centralized configuration data processing and storage for one-time entry of any information about contact center entities that any number of applications require to function in a particular business environment. Any number of applications can use this information.
  • An advanced, configuration data-distribution mechanism, so applications can read their configuration upon startup and be notified of updates at runtime without service interruptions.
  • Comprehensive data-integrity control functions that prevent entry of illogical configuration data that might cause solution malfunction.
  • Advanced reconnection management which ensures that applications have up-to-date data after reestablishing connection to Configuration Server.
  • Access control functions to regulate user access to solution functions and data, based on the access privileges set for each item.
  • Wizards to help users through the automated process of solution deployment.
  • Support for geographically distributed environments.
  • Integration with external data sources, from which you can import configuration data to the Configuration Database.
  • Import and export of configuration data to and from the Configuration Database.
  • Secure data transfer between Genesys components using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.


Configuration Layer Architecture

In the Configuration Layer:

  • Configuration Server provides centralized access to the Configuration Database, based on permissions that super administrators can set for any user to any configuration object. Configuration Server also maintains the common logical integrity of configuration data and notifies applications of changes made to the data. Optionally, you can run Configuration Server in Proxy mode to support a geographically distributed environment. (The geographically distributed architecture is more complex than shown in the diagram.)
  • Genesys Administrator, part of the User Interface Layer, provides a user-friendly interface for manipulating the contact center configuration data that solutions use and for setting user permissions for solution functions and data.
  • The Configuration Database stores all configuration data.
Never add, delete, or modify any data in the Configuration Database, except through applications developed by Genesys, or through applications instrumented with the Genesys Configuration Server application programming interface (API). If you have compelling reasons for accessing the database directly, consult Genesys Customer Care before you do so.
  • Genesys Administrator Extension solution deployment functionality automates deployment and upgrade. This functionality also handles solution-specific data integrity.
  • Configuration Conversion Wizard (CCW) (not shown in the diagram) provides a user-friendly interface for migrating Genesys configuration data to the most recent data format. Database migration is optional, but required if you want to take advantage of the most recent features of Management Framework. Starting in release 8.1.3, CCW also enables you to migrate the Configuration Database to a multi-language format using UTF-8, and to migrate a pre-8.5.1 single-tenant Configuration Database to an 8.5.1 Configuration Database. Refer to the Framework Migration Guide for more information about CCW.
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