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Known Issues and Recommendations

Genesys Softphone

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 9.0.x releases of Genesys Softphone. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

In Setup.exe, VMware Horizon is listed as a target deployment for the Genesys Softphone VDI version although it is not yet supported.

ID: SOFTPHONE-1180 Found In: Fixed In: 

On macOS Big Sur running on Apple M1 Silicon, the Genesys Softphone icon does not appear in the LaunchPad immediately after the software installation. It will appear in this area only after a machine restart.

ID: SOFTPHONE-1130 Found In: Fixed In: 

A Chromium-based browser with the policy RequireOnlineRevocationChecksForLocalAnchors enabled cannot open an HTTPS connection to the Genesys Softphone Connector.

To avoid this issue, ensure that this policy is not enabled in your browser. For example, to do this for Google Chrome, go to the Windows registry and add or modify the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome key as follows:

Name: RequireOnlineRevocationChecksForLocalAnchors
Value data: 0

Further information can be found in the Chrome Enterprise policy list.

For Microsoft Edge, you can find more information about this policy on the Microsoft Edge - Policies page.

ID: SOFTPHONE-1064 Found In: Fixed In: 

When Genesys Softphone is installed in HTTPS connector mode with the "Self Signed Certificate" option, Workspace running in Firefox version 57 or higher cannot properly connect to Genesys Softphone to configure and activate it. Workaround: Execute the script Certificates\Self-Signed\Firefox\add_certificates.bat from the installation directory after the standard installation is complete.

ID: SOFTPHONE-545 Found In: Fixed In:

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers. Release numbers in the Found In and Fixed In fields refer to the English (US) release of Genesys Softphone unless otherwise noted in the issue description.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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